Can I transfer from my Wells Fargo account to another person's Wells Fargo account?

  • @BobBaerker note that Zelle and Cashapp didn't exist back then. – RonJohn Dec 23 '19 at 5:12
  • By Wells Fargo do you mean Wells Fargo bank accounts, or do you mean Wells Fargo investment accounts? – mhoran_psprep Dec 23 '19 at 11:13
  • 3
    Have you asked Wells Fargo? – dwizum Dec 23 '19 at 14:02

WF supports Zelle, which allows instantaneous transfer to other accounts of up to $2,000 per day. I use it to regularly transfer money to my father (borrowed money from him) who's at the same bank I am, and son.

And, of course, you can write your friend a check, use PayPal, Cashapp, etc.

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