I am not sure whether I use the right terminology in the heading, since I call the bank account which has only USD "international bank account" because it is not in euros. I need only USD for online shopping.

I need only USD in the international bank account currently to decrease the spread-costs in online shopping.

The prices of international bank accounts are expensive in Nordic countries: 1.5% to put money there and 1.5% again to consume the given money in the biggest Nordic bank, Nordea. So no benefit of using international bank accounts of Nordea only for USD transactions.

Assume that I am not going to travel to USA in four years.

1. Is there any bank account in USA that I can open without visiting USA?

2. What is the cheapest international bank account for me in Europe? I am ready to travel to Germany for instance, since it is so close to me.


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If you only need to buy stuff online you could consider using paypal perhaps?

If you really need an bank account, you could also look at an offshore bank account, HSBC has accounts in multiple currencies, but you will need to be eligible (have a ton of money and provide some documentation).

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