What is the meaning of the icons highlighted in the image below taken from today’s European Market Opening as shown on Bloomberg?

bloomberg stock price cellular signal

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It is not related to the volume of trades of that security.

If you have access to Bloomberg, you can look at the relevant functions like MOV to see this icon. If you hover over it, you can see that it is called News Heat.

The official documentation defines it:

The news heat icon indicates the level of news activity around the relevant company. The number of heat bars represents how much news activity a company is currently experiencing on the Bloomberg Terminal® compared to the previous 45 days, normalized on a range from one bar (low heat) to five bars (high heat).

For anyone with access to BBG, the direct link to the help page (may break in the future) is {LPHP Q:0:1 1858540 <GO>}


That may be an indication of the amount of volume of the security that has traded. In general, price movements in less volume are less significant that price movements with a lot of volume.

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