I am a Spanish citizen who has been living in UK for the past 7y. During this period I have always worked here and I haven't received any income from Spain. I have also regularly contributed to a pension scheme that my company has setup and where the company contributes as well. The question I have is what happens to my state pension contributions and my personal pension scheme in the event that I will leave the UK before I actually start getting retirement benefits? For simplicity, let's say I am 35y and I will stay here in UK other 3y (so a total of 10y contributions in UK) and I decide to move back to Spain to work the remaining years until retirement. When I retire, will I be eligible for a state pension from the UK even if I am then in Spain? And would that cumulate to the one I will get from Spain? I guess my personal pension scheme won't be a problem and I should be entitled to get the all money out as I want based on UK rules even if I am in Spain at that point.


After 10 working/qualifying years in the UK you will receive an UK pension as things currently stand. The amount will increase to the full amount as you accumulate more qualifying years.


If you take it abroad, it may not be index-regulated, however, which seems rather unfair

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