Im unemployed i apply for a jobs but not luckly call for an interview yet. I will be separating soon with my husband . I lived in Eastern Ontario near Renfrew. Not much jobs around here i wanted to-move in toronto. Can i apply a ontario works there in toronto instead here in Eastern Ontario? Plus i dont have a home because my would be ex husband terminate the house we are renting , what would be my option right now .?

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I don't live in Canada and am unfamiliar with how things work over there but it looks from the Toronto Ontario Works page (under the Who Can Apply tab) that you need to be a Toronto resident to apply for Ontario Works there.

I could be wrong though, your best bet would be to contact both your local Ontario Works office and the Toronto one. Here is the contact page for the various offices:


Here is the general information page for Ontario Works (there's a link to the online application form if you prefer that):


And Ontario's Affordable Housing page:


Good luck!


You might also qualify for Employment Insurance if you have recently become unemployed. To understand if you qualify you should read the eligibility criteria here. If you need help filling out your application, or have any questions you can call Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 or search "Settlement Services" on the Services Near Me website.

Also, check out the Employment Ontario (ontrac) website. Which has employment services for Renfrew and the surrounding area including training programs, and job openings.

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