On a US not-for-profit (NFP), I'm using PayPal as only payment method (which accepts both PayPal and card payments). I just had a user from Singapore who reports they can't pay --- this seems since 2013 the case because of SG government regulations.

Now my question is: From what other countries will the same problem occur? I saw Japan and India mentioned, but I've had a Japanese payment no problem, and didn't find it in JP PayPal FAQs; so I doubt this. And on USA PayPal FAQs there's the list of countries you can't pay to the USA from (e.g., Iran, Iraq, Sudan, ... ) but that's not the broader list I'm after. In the US paypal help there's a menu entry for NFP but it's empty.

I'm now also wondering if that's paypal-to-US-NFP only which fails, or whether they also cannot process SG-bank-to-US-NFP payments.

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