I am new to android development. I haven't registered in play console.

I want to know whether the money received from IAP's GST* should be paid as IGST, CGST or SGST. We must file these three separately with cess.
How will I know whether the money has come from state or from outside?

IGST is paid in India for interstate (province trade of goods and services) and CGST and SGST for intrastate sales. Google gives us the entire amount. How can I determine how much was from within my state?

* In App Purchase / Goods and Services Tax

  • I feel that it is IGST as when the location of the purchase is not known ,google's location which if either in Bangalore or Singapore is taken as location of purchase.18%IGST for all outside karnataka I feel. – compenthusiast Oct 28 at 6:57

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