According to Fidelity website, $10,000 invested in FXAIX on 9/5/2018 becomes $10,515 on 9/5/2019. However, in Quarter-End Average Annual Total Returns section, it says the 1 yr. return from the fund is 10.41%. However, I calculate it as (10515-10000)/10000% = 5.15%. Why is there this discrepancy? How are they calculating the figure they are advertising?

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The key word is "Quarter-End". The 10.41% one-year return is as of 6/30/2019.

It refers to the period whose end coincides with the end of the most recently completed quarter (here, Q2, which is 4/1-6/30). Thus, the 10.41% one-year return is calculated from 6/30/2018 to 6/30/2019


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