I recently started buying ETFs. One weird thing I see is that Baader Bank is always a tiny bit cheaper. In the example below, Tradegate is 0.4% more expensive than Baader Bank:

enter image description here

The difference is not so high that arbitrage is possible, because all offer prices ("Briefkurs") are higher than all bid prices ("Geldkurs"). Still, it seems strange to me to see a consistent difference. Is this just a random effect (and hence not consistent)? If it is not random, why can that be?

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    Are they always cheaper, or always just different? Could it be different delays from "live" prices? The time 19:50:43/4 is essentially the same for all, but do you know if this is the time the price was checked (by whatever generated the above image), which could be returning (differently) delayed prices, or the time the price was "live" (which would probably need a different explanation). – TripeHound Jul 25 at 8:27

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