I found 36 physical shares of motorola inc from 1999. I know that since then the company has split up into a lot of subsidiaries/mergers.

Is there any to sell this physical stock or is it worthless? if not worthless, do you have any idea what the value is?


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In order to determine what has happened to Motorola, you need to look at any corporate actions that have occurred on the stock.


Motorola Inc had the following corporate actions since 1999:

  • Jun 2000: 3:1 Stock split (so your 36 shares became 108 shares)
  • Dec 2004: 0.110415:1 Spinoff of Freescale Semiconductor Class B shares (i.e. 11.925 shares, with the fractional share paid as cash)
  • Dec 2006: Freescale Semiconductor was taken over in an all-cash deal ($40/share). So 11 shares * 40 = $440.
  • Jan 2011: 1:8 Spinoff of Motorola Mobility. You've now got 13.5 shares of Motorola Mobility (MMI). Fractional shares paid in cash.
  • Jan 2011: Motorola Inc changed name to Motorola Solutions Inc. Symbol changed to MSI.
  • Jan 2011: Reverse split 1:7. Your 108 MSI shares become 15.43 shares (fractional amount would have been paid in cash)
  • May 2012: Motorola Mobility taken over by Google in all cash deal ($40/share).
  • 1999 to today: Motorola/Motorola Solutions paid/pay quarterly dividends. The other spunoff companies never paid dividends.

Source: Internal databases at Norgate Data


  • As of 19 July 2019, you'd have 15 MSI shares (close price was $168.91) so they're worth $2533.
  • You're owed some of the fractional cash amounts from the various splits/spinoffs.
  • You're owed $440 from the Freescale Semiconductor takeover
  • You're owed $520 from the Motorola Mobility takeover
  • You're owed around $350 in dividends from Motorola / Motorola Solutions


You should contact the Investor Relations department of Motorola Solutions to figure out how to convert your physical shares and claim the other monies http://investors.motorolasolutions.com/

If you can, please report back on your progress as comments, so others can see what steps you needed to go through to claim your entitlements.

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    Can those spinoffs, takeovers, and dividends really be claimed retroactively? Do companies set up escrow accounts to implement corporate actions for shareholders who can't be contacted?
    – nanoman
    Commented Jul 21, 2019 at 2:47
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    @nanoman - that would probably make an excellent new question. Commented Jul 21, 2019 at 3:20
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    Hi thelegened - ask both of those as separate questions. Happy to answer, but it will take me a little while to research and respond. Cheers, Richard. Commented Jul 21, 2019 at 13:20
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    you should specify that for all your trouble in researching this you are charging a 5% fee ;-)
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    I wish I was earning 5% on these answers! For the record, Norgate Data doesn't deal with shares - we are just a data vendor with a rather extensive database. I answer these questions to help out others and gain reputation. Cheers, Richard. Commented Jul 21, 2019 at 23:40

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