My brother Ivan studies at Oxford. His income is $0. We live in Toronto. We're not EU or UK citizens. For 2019-2020, his Course Fee is £26,235, and College Fee £7570. Total is £33,805 — to simplify the arithmetic, shall we work with £34K?

The CRA mailed us a letter, demanding us to complete TL11A Tuition and Enrolment Certificate - University Outside Canada. I took a screenshot of the part that's bothering me beneath.

  1. What amount do I write in the blank?

  2. Which applies to Ivan: Line 5860 or 5909?

enter image description here

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    Have you already filled out the federal and provincial Schedule 11 forms, as instructed by this form in Part 2, before the part you’ve screenshotted? What numbers were calculated there? – Mike Scott Jul 19 at 7:30
  • @MikeScott Let me get back to you. Thx! – Pamela Lee Jul 19 at 7:31

This was a dumb question, and I was reckless. See the green line and arrow. Note 2 literally says if you live in Ontario, you don't need to fill out that line.

enter image description here

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