I have been moved to UK due to company transfer from India in Nov 2018 and will be staying coupe of years here. Nov 2018 onward, I am getting my salary in UK itself which is being credited in UK based bank. I received my Indian form 1-6 for Apr-18 -Nov-18 and TDS is deducted.

  1. Will my UK income earned in Nov-18- March-19 be taxable in India? I have paid taxes in UK but received some tax exemption free allowance but paid NI.

  2. If yes, how taxes will be computed?

  3. If I have to add UK income, and then calculate indian taxes, i will owe money to Indian tax department. Is it true? I saw my p60 UK form.

  4. Or dual tax system is only to claim tax losses if you have from any country otherwise Indian income to be taxed in india and UK income to be taxed in UK? Is it true?

  5. Any firm who can help with proper guidance? I want to be tax Compliant but what is required.

  • For an NRI staying more than 182 outside India is not taxable in India. In your scenario you stayed in India for more than 182 days in the financial year. Hence, you are obliged to pay taxes on your Global income. You have to taxable income from UK and India to calculate taxes. You would need to fill foreign income form 67. You can hire any CA india for this year. Next year you don’t have to pay any taxes in India if didn’t gain any income in India for more than 182 days. – Abs Jul 28 at 9:02

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