I am trying to find an on source of FTSE ICB indicies from which I can download historical and current data from. for example I can view the current value of such indices here but I want to also download the historical data but:

  • Is it possible to identify these sector indicies by symbol, much like an individual share is e.g. ACA?

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Investing.com seems like it might have something useful...

e.g Forestry & Paper at https://uk.investing.com/indices/ftse-350-forestry---paper and there is a tab with historical data too https://uk.investing.com/indices/ftse-350-forestry---paper-historical-data (the "download data" button seemed to need a sign-in... I didn't investigate further).

Similar for mining sector at https://uk.investing.com/indices/mining-historical-data , healthcare and services sector at https://uk.investing.com/indices/ftse-350-health-care-eq.---serv. ... I'm just finding these googling investing.com FTSE <sector name>; I assume it has the rest of them.

Those pages have ticker codes on them (e.g mining sector is FTNMX1770 ) which look like they might be useful on other financial info services... for example yahoo finance recognizes NMX1770: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/%5ENMX1770/ , and I could download some historical data back to 1986 from the historical data section https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/%5ENMX1770/history?p=%5ENMX1770 )

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