I was interested in buying currency futures for some foreign currencies. How do you go about getting these?

I am looking for 6 to 12 month futures.

  • Do you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare? Futures have a very large minimum size and are not meant for individual investors. If you want to speculate, try the currency ETFs. Sep 20 '11 at 2:01

You find a broker who handles futures accounts. Search on the word Forex and you'll find a number of companies happy to take your money. I trust you understand how futures work, the contract values, margin requirements, etc? You just don't have an account yet, right?


Depending on the currencies you want to trade there are mini-futures available with a contract value of 12.500 (for example EUR/USD) or standard futures with a contract value of 125.000.

You will find an overview at the Globex CME website

For a broker to trade the futures I would recommend Interactive Brokers. They offer real-time trading at very low commission.


Don't really know much about futures but I'll give you a couple of options:

  • Currency ETFs through regular online discounted investment brokers
  • FOREX trading as provided by Zecco for instance

Assuming that you are just looking around right now about currency investing, are you sure (I mean, really sure) that you want to do it?

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