I am wondering whether so called "Tax Return" document for X time period has any alternative definition or form code (form id number)? If yes, what is it? I am trying to find it online for wanted Inc company (USA) but cannot manage to find it anywhere. Already did a research on keyword "business search name" but anything i found is physical envelope request only while i clearly defined that i would need this document to be downloaded online or in worst case faxed to me.

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    Are you trying to find the right document to file taxes for your own business? – Ben Voigt May 28 at 2:48

Tax returns are not public information. You can't see the tax returns of another person or corporation without their permission, and they can't see yours without your permission. (source)

If you can get the other party to sign a Form 4506-T then the IRS will provide you with a transcript of their tax return.

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