If I get 0.93342 after "Divide line 37, column E by line 37, column D", then should I put down 0.9334 or 1.000, given the "Carry the decimal to four places" instruction?

When I read "Carry the decimal to four places", I think 0.93342 * 10000 = 9334.2, which would be greater than 1.000.

Common sense tells me 0.93342 is what I should enter.

Edit: Instructions for 2016 Schedule CA NR

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    Provide a link to the form and instructions? Are you instructed to multiply by 10,000 or are you thinking that "carry the decimal" means multiplication? – Ben Voigt May 10 '19 at 3:19
  • I'm thinking that "carry the decimal" means multiplication. – Marko Galesic May 10 '19 at 3:22
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    It doesn't, it means "preserve that many digits after the decimal when you copy (carry) the number to the next place it is used". 0.9334 is what you should enter. The trailing 2 is a fifth decimal, which you should not preserve (the tax office won't when it repeats your calculations, and you don't want to have mismatching numbers) – Ben Voigt May 10 '19 at 3:23
  • Would you mind making that last comment an answer? – Marko Galesic May 10 '19 at 3:26

The instruction is

enter image description here

There is no multiplication or moving of decimal points involved. Perform the division (result = 0.93342), round to the nearest 0.0001 so you are left with four digits after the decimal (result = 0.9334) and enter 0.9334 into Line 47.

"Carry" here has the same meaning as in "carry forward" -- to copy your result to somewhere it is needed.

You shouldn't preserve extra precision (the fifth digit, 2) because the tax office won't when it repeats your calculations, and you don't want to have mismatching numbers.


Carry here means that you continue doing the division until four places after the decimal point. That is to say


The 4 is at the fourth place, so you go out to .9334. This is less than 1.0000, so you write .9334.

From the instructions:

Line 47 — Deduction Percentage
Divide line 37, column E by line 37, column D. Carry the decimal to four places. This number may not be greater than 1.0000. If the result is greater than 1.0000, enter 1.0000.

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