I'm doing fairly well financially, and pay my credit cards off monthly, so to me they are less useful for financing and more useful as a matter of convenience. As such, I'd like to know more about the convenience angle, which often aren't disclosed as thoroughly as interest rates and rewards programs.

I'm looking for a place to find out more about these features, like

  • Which credit cards offer the "virtual credit card" numbers you can use online only with one vendor?
  • Which credit cards offer the contactless payment chips?
  • Which credit cards offer custom photo ons the front?
  • What set of warranty/car-rental-insurance/other guarantees (which I'll probably never use, except maybe the car rental insurance once) are provided?

Billshrink offers some pretty neat analysis tools to help you pick a credit card. They focus more on rewards than the features you mention but it might be worth a look.

If you use Mint, they offer a similar service, too. If you're not already using Mint, though, I'd look at Billshrink as Mint requires some extensive setup.

MOD EDIT Looks like billshrink.com is shut down. From their site:

Dear BillShrink customer,

As you may have heard, BillShrink.com was shut down on July 31, 2013. While we’re sad to say goodbye, we hope we’ve been able to help you be better informed and save some money along the way! The good news is that much of the innovative award-winning BillShrink technology will still be available via our StatementRewards platform (made available to customers by our partnering financial institutions). Moreover, we expect to re-launch a new money-saving service in the future. To see more of what we’re up to, visit Truaxis.com.

We have deleted your personal information as of July 31. We will retain your email address only to announce a preview of the new tool. If you do not want us to retain your email address, you can opt out in the form below. This opt out feature will be available until September 31, 2013. If you have already opted out previously, you do not need to opt out again. If you have any further questions, contact us at info@billshrink.com.

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