I am trying to calculate a stock's worth and in doing so I am adding values of all the four quarters from quarterly reports but it is not equal to the value in the annual report. I am trying to evaluate a bank's report.

The value there is in '000' so whenever I add 5,718,067,000 and 3,605,247,000 we get 9,323,314,000 and in annual report it shows 8,116,152,416

enter image description here

Just by adding two quarters I get a value that is greater than in the annual report.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you post links to the raw financial statements? Are you certain they're reported in the same currency? – D Stanley Apr 24 at 13:10
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    Financial statements are sometimes restated, for example to recharacterize amounts into different quarters. If you are viewing the numbers on a site that aggregates (not the company’s own site) you might see some numbers that aren’t restated. – whiskeychief Apr 26 at 3:00

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