A friend of mine sent me some money but before then the account was closed and now the $50k is still there.

I can't withdraw the money and my friend can't revise it back. What should I do?

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    Is this a friend that you know in real life that is sending you $50k because you sold him a couple cars? Or a friend you met online that is making large deposits to your account for unclear reasons? You say that the account "has been closed" which may mean that you didn't explicitly close it. If you got involved in some sort of money laundering scam, it's entirely reasonable that the bank would proactively freeze your account while law enforcement figures out what's going on. – Justin Cave Apr 19 at 16:51
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    Contact the bank. – Hart CO Apr 19 at 16:52
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    And when you contact the bank, if they are vague and evasive, then it is because they aren't allowed to tell you that you are being investigated for money laundering. – Simon B Apr 20 at 21:17

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