Is there a way to use the compound interest formula, simple interest, or APY to find the price of something years earlier if the price of it was increasing by a certain percentage annually?

  • Yeah, you can solve for any one variable by re-arranging the formulas. A quick search turned up this site which seems to have a working calculator solving for present value: keisan.casio.com/exec/system/1232691482 Note 'nominal' vs 'effective' rate options for APY vs APR. – Hart CO Apr 16 at 23:13
  • @HartCO thank you for your assistance, the calculator helped but now I want to work the math on paper. what variable am I needing to re-arrange for compound interest to find this? – user30558 Apr 16 at 23:25
  • never mind I got it. Thank you – user30558 Apr 16 at 23:46

The math is a straightforward rearrangement of the time value of money equation. Just treat the FV amount as the current amount and the PV as the past amount.

PV = FV/{(1+i)^n}

  • i here would be interest rate over 100, not just the number. For ex, 8% interest rate would mean i=0.08 It'd be good to add that clarification. – perennial_noob Apr 17 at 21:46

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