I was notified last year when I went to the tax office that I didn't include a 1099-r early distribution.

This is the distribution in question: enter image description here

I am confused because the TurboTax UI shows my distribution, but when I looked at the 1040 PDF output, box 15a and b are blank—so this makes me think that somehow TurboTax filed without that information somehow?

Now, when I go back into TurboTax to add that distribution, it says it already exists. So when I print a 1040x, it shows my original 1040 as containing the $4,000 in box 15. When I try removing and re-adding the distribution, TurboTax somehow still remembers and preserves the $4,000 in box 15.

However, when I added the 1099-r, it didn't change my taxable income or taxes owed. Should I bother with the 1040x amendment? I keep seeing a lot of responses online about 1099 that say, "Yes you should technically, but I wouldn't do it…"

But in my case, I am wasn't rolling over or anything, I was withdrawing. So that makes me think the IRS will catch it.

I've had my IRA for 5+ years and my contributions exceed my withdrawal FWIW, so I think that is why I wasn't getting taxed for the distribution?


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