I am in the process of getting a job in Baku, and have been offered X amount, and been told to pay the taxes on it. My question, given I'd be in Baku 183 days a year, would be how best to pay taxes; would it be to declare them locally, declare them in the UK or still be paid through my own limited company?

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Refer to HM Revenue & Custom's Double taxation treaty of UK with Azerbaijan and all its details (PDF).

  • Seems all a bit too convoluted. May have to live there too me thinks... Thanks a lot
    – Hairy
    Sep 7, 2011 at 13:20

This is the kind of question best answered by a professional specialist in international taxation, who knows something about Azerbaijan. The precise rules can be very complicated, and consulting a professional can save you thousands. Even little things like exactly how many days you spend in the country can make a difference. I did that when I changed countries, and their advice saved me thousands.

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