I retired & moved to Italy April 2018. I will be living in Europe for at least ten years. In filling out my California state tax form, there was a question regarding whether I moved out of the state. The answer is yes, but I still derive rental income from the two houses that I own in the state. I am concerned that if I answer yes, I may not be able to renew my drivers license in 2020 (I will not be applying for an Italian driving license) or vote in the state elections in 2020.

I have not moved to another state where I can have these benefits.

Can I maintain my driver's license & state voting rights while living outside of the country.

Do I have to pay annual California taxes in order to do so?

Thank you for your responses to my questions.

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    Hi MangoRox. Thanks for contributing here. We have another site called Expatriates which deals with moving abroad generally. Your non-finance questions might be better asked there. – DJClayworth Apr 4 at 14:37
  • Are you expecting to spend most of your time in Europe after you retire? – DJClayworth Apr 4 at 15:02
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    You really should get an EU drivers license asap, while certain foreign ones are valid in the EU, they are only usable by visitors staying for a short time. If you want to drive in the EU long term you will need a license there. – Vality Apr 4 at 19:17

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