Can a marriage with a large age gap and a young high-earning spouse benefit from, for example, a Roth IRA?

Let's say Jack and Jill are married. Jill is 50 and makes $25,000/year while Jack is 25 and makes $125,000/year. Neither have established retirement accounts. Jill will retire in 10 years and withhold collecting Social Security.

What can they do to leverage Jill's IRAs (and 401(k))? Is there a particular strategy to maximize tax-free investment growth, either as a lump sum or as monthly distributions, once Jill turns 59-1/2?

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    Are the retirement funds in traditional funds or Roth funds? – mhoran_psprep Apr 4 at 10:07
  • There aren’t significant funds in either, but I am wondering if there would be a good strategy. I am assuming that, if they file jointly, more funds in a Roth would be wiser if they intend to withdraw some or all when Jill retires. – M Miller Apr 5 at 14:16

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