I live in France, I am 24, and recently started being able to invest. To do so I decided to open a "Livret Bleu" with my bank.

The Livret Bleu is virtually the same as a Livret A, same interest rate (0,75%) and is tax-free. The main difference is that it will automatically upgrade to a Livret Orange once there is more that 22 500€ on the account.

A Livret Orange keep the same interest rate (0.75%) but is no longer tax free, and has no limit on the amount of money that can be on it.

My plan is to invest every bit of money that is not used for necessary life expense. Today this represent something between 200€-400€.

My problem is that, no matter how I look at it, the amount of money that this will generate is laughable. Using my bank's simulation, an Livret Bleu with 200€ as base deposit, plus 200€ of monthly deposit would generate around 1 934€ after 15 years.

So my question is this :

If I wanted to become Financially independant, where should I start investing ? Was a Livret Bleu a good choice, or should I look to another alternative ?

  • Due to the zero interest rate of the European central bank at the moment it is very difficult to find any good fiancial investments in the EU which are risk-free. When it comes to the decision what stocks, bonds or other papers to buy you really shouldn't rely on anonymous strangers on the Internet. – Philipp Apr 1 at 9:37

Well, consider investing in the bank stock.

In other words invest in what-you-know or invest in what-you-are-interested-in.

But a position in the U.S. dollar will find an interest rate. So that's an investment in a short-term U.S. bond ETF. Or, for instance, an investment as an un-leveraged sell-position in the EUR/USD currency pair where a Forex broker pays daily interest as the rollover.

  • 1
    -1. The OP is clearly not financially savvy enough yet to be ready for this kind of advice, understanding all the risks etc. – Vicky Apr 1 at 18:03
  • The OP is talking about long-term investments and laughing at low interest rates. – S Spring Apr 1 at 18:12

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