I have a limited company (based in the UK) through which I worked in a larger company. A year ago, I stopped working for this larger company. As I was no longer working (ie I was no longer getting incomes), I decided to suspend my accountant. As I did not have an accountant at the beginning of the tax year, I forgot to pay myself the 702£ (= 8424/12) free of charge each month for the first few months, as per:


I'm still working on designing a software for my limited company (and therefore don't need to work for a larger company at the moment).

So up to now I paid myself X = 8424 - 4 * 702, as I did not pay myself in april, may and june.

I was therefore wondering if it was fine (ie I won't pay tax to HMRC), if I pay myself a salary of 4 * 702£ this month (corresponding to april 2018, may 2018, june 2018 and march 2019). On a yearly basis, I would not have paid me more than the 8424£ yearly limit, but on this specific month I would I have paid me more than the threshold.

Hopping my question is clear. Fingers crossed. :)

Thank you for your advice.

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