Sanctions-Hit North Korea Stole $13.5 Million From Cosmos Bank: Report

North Korea was reportedly using cyberspace for undercover operations "to acquire funds through a variety of measures in order to circumvent the sanctions".

$13.5 million was withdrawn from Cosmos Bank in over 14,000 simultaneous ATM withdrawals in 28 countries.

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations has said that North Korea carried out the $13.5 million cyber heist of Pune's Cosmos Bank using a network across 28 countries by breaking its internal safety measures last year as the country was starved for foreign funds due to UN sanctions.

**How did they Hack the Server ?

Is the SWIFT NETWORK compromisable ?**

  • You use Caps Lock too enthusiastically... – Rodrigo de Azevedo Mar 31 at 12:18
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    What is the source of that quote? I see no citation, no URL. – Rodrigo de Azevedo Mar 31 at 12:35
  • A report on this with lots of links from a variety of agencies saying how they think it happened: zdnet.com/article/… When dedicated teams have the backing and protection of a government, and likely millions in budget, there is a lot they can accomplish. But no, in short, they mostly attacked a bank, installed a bunch of malware, and then used the stolen information to trigger unauthorized transactions. – BrianH Apr 1 at 1:11

The SWIFT network was not compromised.

The hacker's attacked the gateway software installed by the Bank that did not have the right firewall and certificate configurations

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