Am I filing the correct forms with my 1040 to include my self-employment tax? Sole-proprietor with less than $5000 business expenses and profit less than $9000.

  • 1040
  • Schedule 1
  • Schedule 4
  • Schedule C-EZ
  • Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax - taxpayer
  • Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax Part B - taxpayer
  • You might also want the form (I think it's 8829) for business use of your home. Read the instructions to see if you qualify. If so, it can be a good deduction.
    – jamesqf
    Mar 29, 2019 at 19:04

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That basically looks right.

  • Form 1040 is the main tax return form.
  • Schedule C-EZ has the revenue, expenses, and net profit from your business. Since your expenses were less than $5000, you can use C-EZ instead of the full Schedule C (assuming you also meet all the other C-EZ requirements).
  • Schedule 1 is used to include the net profit from C-EZ into Form 1040.
  • Schedule SE is for the self-employment tax. Section A is the "short schedule" and Section B is the "long schedule." You need to look at the flowchart at the beginning of SE to determine which one you need to complete.
  • Schedule 4 brings the self-employment tax from SE into Form 1040.

Of course, depending on your personal tax situation, there may be other forms you will also need to include with your tax return.

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