When I purchase something through voice virtual assistant, for example order Pizza through my Echo-Alexa - is it written in card schemes (Visa/Mastercard) as a Card-Not-Present (CNP) transaction or it's a transaction of different type?

  • My guess would be E-Commerce, as if you'd made a 1-click amazon purchase.
    – AakashM
    Mar 27 '19 at 8:28
  • I am not sure, because the authorization of this transaction is different than authorize transaction through the web - it's only by voice command
    – GyRo
    Mar 27 '19 at 8:30
  • 5
    And if I used a PC with voice-control software to buy something via the amazon website? Don't be fooled, an Echo is a personal computer - just one with an atypical interface.
    – AakashM
    Mar 27 '19 at 8:49
  • Lt's compare to other interfaces: are transaction made by phone call treated by card schemes identically as transaction that are made by website and webservices?
    – GyRo
    Mar 27 '19 at 9:26
  • 3
    OK, we're talking at different levels. E-Commerce and MOTO are both sub-categories of CNP.
    – AakashM
    Mar 27 '19 at 9:33

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