I'm trying to compare two ETFs on www.morningstar.com.

I'm not able to understand why the ending of two price charts are different, i.e., in 2019.

3-year period

Maximum period

In the 3-year graph, stock 1 is slightly higher in 2019. In the Maximum-lengh graph, stock 2 is far higher in 2019. I would have expected a difference between the two charts at the beginning, but not at the end.

I notice that volume is different in the 2 charts, but I can't make out any more than that. Could someone be kind enough to explain the difference between the two charts? And what's the proper way to compare two stocks? I want to know how to see the prices of 2 stocks over time, comparing them with each other, so I can see how both prices react to historical events.

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The charts you have are 'percent change' along the Y-axis (vertical axis), and when comparing two assets, by definition, the graph starts at 0% at the date you chose to start.

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