I am a British citizen, currently residing in New Zealand under a 5 year Work Visa and for the past year have been working for a New Zealand based company.

I am just about to change jobs to work remotely for an Australian company. I will still be residing in New Zealand.

I have a New Zealand IRD (tax number), and have been advised to get an Australian TFN (tax number). I also file taxes in the UK for rental income earned in the UK.

Where should I be paying taxes for my Australian remote job? Should I be paying taxes to New Zealand or Australia?

I am already under the assumption that I need to file taxes in all three countries due to this change, but at the end of the day I am unsure as to whom I should be paying taxes to.

If the advice is "see an expert", then so be it :)

  • If you are residing in NZ you should be paying tax there and not in Australia, just like if I worked for a NZ company in Australia, and I resided in Australia I would pay tax in Australia. – Victor Mar 9 at 2:55
  • 1
    @Victor there are a lot of special agreements between NZ and Australia on working, citizenship, residency and taxation, so I've heard a lot of different things in passing, hence the question. It's not as clear cut as other situations, for example. – Moo Mar 9 at 3:25
  • Like I said, viewing it from the Australian point of view: If I am an Australian Resident for tax purposes and I am residing and working in Australia, it does not matter what country the company I work for is from, I would pay tax in Australia. If, on the other hand, I was an Australian Resident for tax purposes and I resided in Australia but went to do some work for a NZ company in NZ, say for 6 months, then I would pay tax in NZ and in Australia (but I would receive a tax credit in Australia for the tax already paid in NZ). This is what you need to check with your tax office!!! – Victor Mar 9 at 7:12

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