I and my two children are under Kaiser, while my husband is under a different medical plan (BlueShield of CA). I enrolled in medical FSA while he is not. I read online that his medical expense can be reimbursed through my FSA account, but on wageworks I do not see any option to select him as the person for which the expense was incurred. So how do I submit his medical bill for reimbursement? Thanks!

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I use Wageworks for my HSA. I know there is a place to add a person to the list of Patient names. The "add new patient" button is right next the patient name pull-down. After you click it it has you add a first name, last name and relationship.

I have no idea if the the same option exists on the FSA accounts.

  • Thank you. I tried it but couldn't add my husband's name to my wageworks account. Is there another more elaborate method to claim the reimbursement?
    – John Jiang
    Mar 7, 2019 at 0:23

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