This page says I can pay my North Carolina individual income tax using the online payment system: https://www.ncdor.gov/taxes-forms/collections-past-due-taxes/payment-options

But the online payment system requires a notice number: https://eservices.dor.nc.gov/ofp/validation.jsp

I don't have a notice number. I'm just trying to pay my state taxes. It looks like I only get a notice number if I'm sent a bill, like if I'm late in paying my taxes: https://eservices.dor.nc.gov/ofp/epay_help.html#noticeNumberLocate

So how do I get a notice number for paying my individual income tax on time? Or do I not need one?


Your URL you included in your question:


even includes the phrase:


you should be looking at the section of the state website:


for information regarding how to pay your taxes.


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