I'm based in the UK and want to receive some money from a US company called Fidelity.

Last year I set up a transferwise 'borderless' account, which worked really well. I had a virtual US account, to which I could receive wire transfers from Fidelity.

However, Transferwise recently made a change - from this year, the destination account name for wire transfers must be "Transferwise FBO [my name]" instead of just "[my name]".

Fidelity don't like that, so I'm back to square one.

Are there any other providers?

I tried Payoneer, but they don't support wire transfers, and Fidelity only support wire transfers.


It turned out that the best way was to open a dollar account with a UK bank. I went with Lloyds, and now have a international USD account based on the Isle of Man, which is very cheap to run.

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