When I search for APR calculators, I only find mortgage and credit repayment calculators.

I am looking for the opposite. I want to calculate APR on asset appreciation.

I bought something for $15.k in 1993 and it is now estimated at between $31 and $42k. How do I calculate what the APR return on investment is?

Is there a formula? An online calculator? How would I do it in Excel?


In 25 years, the asset went from 15 to 31-42.

(31/15)^(1/25)= 1.02946 or 2.946% CAGR
(42/15)^(1/25)= 1.04204 or 4.204% CAGR

Of course, a CAGR to 3 decimal places is absurd when your asset value has a value of $36.5+/- 15%.

Looking at the numbers I'd have guessed "3-4%/yr" The notation I used is what you'd plug into a spreadsheet, FYI.

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