My 2017 taxes have not yet been accepted by the IRS. After several calls to them, I figured out it was because one of the two W-2s I received for 2017 was never submitted to the IRS by my employer.

I mailed a physical copy of the W-2 to the IRS myself, to no avail. They won't even tell me if they have received it. I am still waiting, over a month now, for confirmation from my employer about whether they have sent a copy: they are deflecting to the payroll company, who I assume is the actual party responsible for sending it out. I haven't yet complained directly to the payroll company.

Additionally, I received a schedule K-1 in September 2018, which I believe requires me to file a correction to my 2017 taxes. I haven't done this yet because I'm still waiting on the initial filing to be accepted.

I've always handled my own taxes but this is getting to be quite the mess so I'm looking for assistance. I assume I can't just walk into an H&R block with something like this. Do I want an accountant? A lawyer? Cost is a factor -- I am waiting on a significant refund, but I wouldn't want to end up spending thousands of dollars on this.

  • Did you actually file your taxes, on paper, mailed to Fresno, Hartford, Louisville or wherever? Or have you been attempting to e"file" which is not filing at all, and which IRS can reject? I have never had a problem getting IRS to let me claim income they don't know about and pay taxes on it. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Feb 18 at 1:05

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