For example in this ETF, the full list of holdings as of today is:

TD International Equity Index ETF (TPE) 99.88%
Cash and Cash Equivalents 88.88%
JPY Currency 23.53%
CHF Currency 3.37%
SGD Currency 1.14%
HKD Currency 0.06%
USD Currency 0.02%
NOK Currency -0.01%
AUD Currency -0.03%
Singapore Dollar -1.13%
Danish Krone -1.6%
Swedish Krona -2.38%
Swiss Franc -3.34%
Pound Sterling -4.43%
Japanese Yen -23.37%
Canadian Dollar -80.59%

What do these negative numbers mean?

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    It should be short position. My guess is it's created to hedge currency risk of holding international equity. – user67084 Feb 18 '19 at 0:20

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