Hey everyone I’m trying to receive an international wire transfer for my business. The bank I’m using to receive this gave me two different SWIFT numbers but the sending party only lets me use one. What do I do in this case?

I was given a Correspondent SWIFT BIC which is a Wells Fargo SWIFT number and is labeled SWIFT field 57a on the paper the bank gave me.

I was also given a Beneficiary Bank SWIFT number which links to my bank (my bank is NOT through Wells Fargo), there is no SWIFT field labeled on this one.

Do I use the correspondent swift number in this case? Do I need to do something else entirely/get a different bank?

  • I had this problem as well. The bank-sender had given me a form, which contained only one field for the SWIFT code - and they didn't care about the two-step process with two such codes. I had to open an account in another bank-receiver to get rid off the intermediate bank – HEKTO Feb 16 at 0:22

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