I bought an apartment in Venice (Italy) in 2013 with my ex GF. The plan was to renovate it and move there. She broke up with me after some months so we have never had the chance to live there.

The renovation is almost over except for few things that have still to be done (just two room doors and one window).

I would finish the renovation but she doesn't want to invest more money on it (just about 5k in total!). So the house is now for sale.

This fully renovated apartment with private garden in Venice and a lot of facilities is a good investment both for renting it out and for selling it in few years.

Italian realtors don't work with foreign people, so how can I reach international investors?

  • You might have asked the wrong realtors. If it is legal to sell to foreigners, there is money to make, and there are realtors that offer the service. – Aganju Feb 16 at 7:55

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