I'm an Russian citizen, living in Russia and I own a LLC in Wyoming. I am the only owner of this LLC (single member managed LLC). I use this company to accept international payments through 2checkout.com(US) and Paypal on my website. I transfer all the received money to my Payoneer account (US). I'm selling web services only through my website to all-world. I've never visited the US before—the company was formed over the internet through a registered agent. I don’t have an office in the US and real bank account.

Am I engaged in a trade or business in the United States?

Are the payments received from buyers outside the United States Effectively Connected With U.S.? Or I need to have US customers for business effectively connected with US.

Do I have to fill 1040NR form with my details only and leave the rest blank? If yes, then when?

Do I have to fill Form 5472 + Form 1120-F? If yes, then when?

Do I have to fill Schedule C form ? If yes, then when?

  • Why would you do that? – Money Ann Feb 3 at 22:32
  • @MoneyAnn Doing what? – Alex Feb 3 at 23:07

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