Differences between volatile and fluctuation? I am new to the stock market, currently learning about the terminology and i came across these words. From what i know, volatile is like the speed and range of a stock (ie movement) and i googled what fluctuation means and it defines fluctuation as 'an irregular rising and falling in number or amount'. So please clear thing up for me.

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Volatile is an adjective, fluctuation is a noun. :)

They are both referring to the same thing. The measure of how volatile a stock is is how much much it fluctuates from period to period. So a stock that fluctuates a lot has high volatility.


Volatility is the more standard financial industry term. Fluctuation as far as I’m aware is more of a generic non industry synonym. But volatility isn’t quite as standardized a term as that Wikipedia article makes it appear. For example, there are other measures of volatility

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