I need to make a payment of about 6200 CHF to a Swiss bank account. My money is in SEK in a Swedish bank account.

Would it be preferable to use Transferwise / something similar to it, or should I send it like I would send money to some other Swedish bank?

Could SEPA style transactions be used for such a thing?

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If you send money to some other Swedish bank, they're likely to take some fees and/or give an exchange rate worse than the interbank exchange rate. Transferwise takes 0.35% Fee + kr 18.00 SEK.

Revolut uses the interbank exchange rate for CHF <-> SEK on weekdays (Mon-Fri UTC) and don't have any fee, so that's the cheapest option I am aware of. They do have a limit of 6,000 CHF / month (reset on the 12th midnight CET of each month), above which they'll take a 0.5% conversion fee (unless you purchase the premium/metal accounts, in which case there is no limit). If you're interested in trying out Revolut, you can use the https://revolut.com/r/franck2q2 referral link to get a free physical debit card.

  • Thanks for your answer. I have Revolut already and a physical visa card as well (not premium). I forgot about this, good point. Just a question, the 0.5% conversion fee will be calculated then on the whole sum ie 6200 CHF, or on the remaining 200 CHF? – Dsxp Jan 18 at 2:24
  • @Dsxp remaining 200 CHF if you do 1 conversion of 6000 CHF and 1 conversion of CHF. Pretty sure that'd be the same with 1 conversion of 6200 CHF but I haven't tried. – Franck Dernoncourt Jan 18 at 2:38

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