Despite trying to hit the nail on the head, I managed to put more into my Traditional IRA for 2018 than I will be able to deduct due to Traditional IRA phaseout limits.

The last thing I want is to track my non-deductible basis for this for decades until retirement. I understand that Roth recharacterizations have been eliminated for 2018, but I'm confused about the difference between a Roth 'conversion' vs a 'recharacterization'.

Am I allowed to simply convert the non-deductible portion of my 2018 Traditional IRA contribution to a Roth IRA or is this too considered a recharacterization? My limited understanding of recharacterization is that it is from a Roth back to a Traditional IRA, which of course is not what I want.

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    You can't convert just the non-deductible portion, you'll get part pre-tax and part post-tax in proportion to the total balance of each in your Traditional IRA – Ben Voigt Jan 7 at 2:05

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