On interactive brokers i was looking at some put warrants for GE which are being traded on the frankfurt exchange but i don't know if i can exercise them when i want, since I don't know if the exercise style is American or European.

  • Why would you want to exercise early? Can you not sell them for more than the gain of exercising? – D Stanley Dec 28 '18 at 17:33
  • I'm using a paper account not the live one, so it won't allow me to short warrants. Also even if I could sell them for more wouldn't the order take longer to fill rather than just exercising it? – John Dec 28 '18 at 18:13
  • Why would you want to exercise early? That usually means more spread slippage and commissions. See if you can find a prospectus for the warrant's details. Why do you want to short the warrants rather than the options? – Bob Baerker Dec 28 '18 at 18:18
  • Because with exercising the put warrants i can choose the number of shares i wish the company to buy back but with shorting the options, if i short a call wouldn't i have to sell a 100 shares to the call buyer if they exercise. Also wouldn't i have to hope they choose to exercise so that I can gain the profit, since the call will be out the money in order to get a gain from selling it? – John Dec 28 '18 at 19:09

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