Hope you guys can offer some advice!

I'm a Singaporean (26) just out of university and trying to think about my finances in a more structured way.

I currently have

Income (yearly):

7.2k mandatory contribution to CPF (our version of social security)

7.2k mandatory matching employer contribution to CPF

29.4k after tax/contribution income (2.45k a month)


1.4k cash

31k in individual large/mid cap (5 - 60 bil) stocks on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) (don't intend on messing with individual stocks any more, but leery of selling them off because some would be at a minor (5-20%) loss T.T )

750 in an ETF (ES3) tracking my country's stock index (savings plan with my bank)

1.7k in my CPF account

No debt.

My investment/savings goal from this point on is to save about 1.5k a month, 300 in that savings plan and 900 in VWRD on the LSE.


I'm planning on doing a PhD in the US some time 2020-2021, and was wondering how this might affect things. I'm generally intending to return, but it really does depend on the job market for faculty positions when I'm done. So anyway, I'm investing on the LSE to benefit from the withholding dividend tax reductions (30% ->15%) for Irish-domiciled funds. What happens when I'm studying and maybe working in the US? Should I maybe consider just buying the NYSE equivalents?

Does my situation/allocation make sense overall? (My cash balance is only twice my monthly expenditure, but I do live with my parents and the relationship is not particularly precarious).

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