I am a freelancer developer. I just met a client who lived in USA. He has offered to hire me.

Here's the catch. The client said: "I have been warned by my bank not to pay by cheque or make any online transfers. If you have a US representative, please get back to me with the address and phone number and I'll contact them and make payment". I gave him options to pay online or transfer but he refused all.

What you can suggest about this client> Is he telling the truth or he is a fake client?

Things to note :

  • He told me continuously: "I was warned by ...
  • I have not done any work for him.
  • He did not talk about work at first. He has only been asking about a representative number and address.
  • I can communicate with him only on mail service.

Is it safe to give details to this client ?


This is a scam. Some one is trying to get details so that it can be used to either con you or your friend.

Don't give any details as it will be misused.

  • thanks man. this saved my money
    – TarangP
    Oct 7 '20 at 10:21

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