This is what happened and will happen:

  • 2016: Person is still alive with self-employed income reported on a Schedule C.

  • 2017: Person died. Estate account opened. Personal and estate returns filed as required.

  • 2018: (a) bulk of money was disbursed to beneficiaries; and (b)
    amended 2016 return filed. The amended return is to claim a self-employed health insurance deduction on line 29 of the 1040.

  • 2019: Estate receives $1,000 from the 2016 amended return. The net
    income (Gross - estate expense) is less than $600, to be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Note: If it makes a difference, there is NO trust involved.


My understanding is as follows.

  • By April 15, 2019 file the estate's final tax return, including issuing the K-1s, for tax year 2018.

  • Nothing else to do in 2019 except write the final checks, and close the bank account. Do not file a 2019 tax return nor issue any K-1s.

Whether my understanding is correct or not, please say more than just "Yes" or "No."

Note: I did try multiple web searches before posting this question, but none of the hits seemed to cover the bases.

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