Hate the new horizontal dashed red lines denoting the active alert in TradingView! They are way too obtrusive. Any way to disable them? Me I haven't found any.

enter image description here

  • please someone create the tradingview tag :) – TMS Dec 6 at 15:22
  • Any chance that the horizontal red lines are the current bid and ask price? Does Tradingview have an instruction manual or an online blog where users post? My guess is that it's not likely that there are many, if any, users here. – Bob Baerker Dec 6 at 16:50
  • Thannks @BobBaerker. There are some tradingview questions here... so there's some hope :) Nope, these lines are the boundaries of the alert condition. Alert triggers upon exiting this channel. – TMS Dec 6 at 21:42

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