I invest in a long term treasury ETF. I have only been buying this and never sold any shares. I looked into the entire transaction history. There are three categories of transactions:

  • Buy: These are my manual orders.
  • Reinvest Dividend: always a positive number, eg $6.40
  • Reinvest Shares: always paired and inverse of the reinvest dividend, eg -$6.40

For security reasons, I will provide approximate numbers. These are the sums of those transactions:

  • Buy: $15,000
  • Reinvest Dividend: $50
  • Reinvest Shares: -$50
  • Cost Basis: $14,000 (listed on my account summary page)

Why is my cost basis lower than all my purchases + reinvested dividends? 14,000 < 15,050. I thought they should be exactly the same amount. I have nearly 20 other ETF's (both equity and bonds) where the math lines up.

  • Tough to answer with the details given. Easy to call the broker and ask why there’s the discrepancy . – JoeTaxpayer Nov 12 '18 at 0:49
  • As Joe T suggested, call your broker. – Bob Baerker Nov 12 '18 at 0:52

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