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Where to start with personal finance?

I have started saving up some money and would like to utilize it better than to just put it in a savings account. How can someone learn more about investing. As a student, I would prefer if the resources were all free. For someone below the age of 25, what is the best form of investment. Also, what is a good amount of money to start trading with?


What is the best form of investment? It only depends on your goals...

The perfect amount of money depends also on your particular situation. The first thing you should start getting familiar with is the notion of portfolio and diversification. Managing risk is also fundamental especially with the current market funkiness...

Start looking at index based ETFs -Exchange Traded Funds- and Balanced Mutual Funds to begin with. Many discounted online brokerage companies in the USA offer good training and knowledge centers. Some of them will also let you practice with a demo account that let you invest virtual money to make you feel comfortable with the interface and also with investing in general.


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